James Toohey

Software developer based in Cairns & Sydney, Australia. As banal as it sounds, I love: cars, coffee, software, film, and cooking. Want to chat about any of that? Email me.



PerformID specialises in building loyalty solutions for the world's largest banks. I worked closely with Alex (Founder of PerformID) on the original prototype in 2020.


Senior JavaScript Engineer (TinyMCE)

TinyMCE is the world’s most popular open source web-based WYSIWYG editor. Trusted and loved by millions of developers, and integrated into thousands of applications.



A couple of mates who build things together. Chris Sealey and I have worked together all over the place, Fundamental is our workshop for software, graphic design, and branding.


Tech Lead

Don't search. Find. allt enables you to interact with what you are viewing live in a whole new way.


Integration Specialist

Identitii is using blockchain and tokenisation to create, deploy and activate a new, connected ecosystem for payments.


Lead Front-End Developer

Sponsored gear for every team. Create and customise bespoke sportswear, then subsidise the unit cost by adding sponsors.


Lead Developer/Product Design

More time, more control and less admin for doctors. A pre-consultation tool that captures a patient's clinical information and then translates the data for the doctor, straight into their medical software.


Full-Stack Developer

A secure practitioner to client communication platform. Confidential diary, instant messaging, and secure video chat using WebRTC.


Full-Stack Developer

Powering informed health decisions at all stages of the healthcare journey.

WillyWeather API v2

Full-Stack Developer

A feature-rich weather API delivering accurate local weather data for over 17,000 locations, from best-in-class weather providers, including the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

WillyWeather Revamp

Full-Stack Developer/Product Design

Australia's favourite source for everything Weather.

WillyWeather iOS App

Product Design/QA

The WillyWeather iPhone app is the best weather app you can get on the App Store, free or paid. An average of 4.7/5 stars with over 120,000 reviews.